5 thoughts on “Aryan Nation Child Abuse”

  1. Aryan Nation sickens me. Their ideas, their ideals, their beliefs, their methods…

    How can humanity still suffer from this hatred of other humans? I just don’t get it. It sickens and saddens me.


  2. Ok, now that I’ve watched it.. I have one more comment..

    I wonder if the idiot has ANY CLUE that “white people” aren’t even in their right “homeland”.

    Hell, he needs to get the hell out of America and go back to Iceland or something (not that they’d have him anyway) and get OUT of the Indian’s homeland that he is squatting on.

    lordy lordy, the ignorance of racists never ceases to astound me.

  3. Wonder if they realize that the racist people are out numbered by the non racist and they will never come close to winning the fight, do they not realize black people are americans and have been here the whole time, they say they want them to go back where they came from well guess what, this is where they came from. It is wrong to raise children to hate, look what happened to Chevie, Cheyne Kasey, Kilby, Luke Noah Levi and Arion Kehoe because of the ignorance of Gloria & Kirby Kehoe (aka) Gloria Collins. They raised their children to hate, now the 2 oldest are in prison, the 3rd is heading there & god knows about the rest of the younger ones,the oldest one is in for 3 life sentences all because their parents brainwashed them in to believing that what they were doing was the “right” thing. I wonder how the parents on this video would feel knowing they’re raising their children the same way and they are going to eventually end up in prison, And as everyone very well knows, prison is not a white power park, they won’t be treated very kindly.

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