Chinese Nationals Released by Ghazi

lal-masjid-batons.jpgIn Pakistan Abdul Rashid Ghazi of the Lal Masjid madrassa has released the 9 Chinese nationals taken hostage for fourteen hours.

From Fox News:

Radical Islamic students freed nine people, including three Chinese women, hours after kidnapping them Saturday from a massage parlor in Pakistan’s capital, officials said. The abductions were the latest act in a freelance anti-vice campaign by seminary students and teachers that has embarrassed the government of President Gen. Pervez Musharraf and raised concerns about rising extremism in Pakistan.
Dozens of Islamic students seized the nine people from a massage parlor in an upscale neighborhood of Islamabad, police official Mohammed Naeem said. They were released after about 14 hours, said Abdul Rashid Ghazi, one of two brothers who run the mosque.

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