The Road to Here

rain-over-the-plains.jpgWe traveled a great distance and rose a great height this week, crossing rolling farmland and plains to high plains, to high desert, to foothills. Along the way we had some weather; rain above the high plains.

bug-grill.jpgThe car encountered a few insects along the way, and certainly needs a good cleaning on our return. We also encountered a Kansas State Trooper, and nice as he was he felt it necessary to give me a well-deserved ticket. (What can I say? The speedometer goes to 160 and I hadn’t taken it above 125 yet….)

lights-across-the-street.jpgHere’s a pic of where we are tonight, see if you can guess.

5 thoughts on “The Road to Here”

  1. I would say you stopped at a Dairy Queen between Jo-Anne fabrics and Home Depot…and there might be a Chinese takeout hiding in there!

  2. …and I am surprised that at those speeds the bugs didn’t just go right through your bumper like micro-meteors.

  3. Well we are home again, just pulled in a bit ago. The grass is dry as a boneyard, I’m watering that now while getting out the pressure washer for those bugs.

  4. Welcome Home Thanos. Unfortunately, the islamofascists did not fade into the sunset during your absence : (

    By the way, I was gonna hit your tip jar here , to help with that speeding ticket fine you got, but I don’t see your jar…am I just missing it?

  5. Thanks kindly, but donations cut across my capitalist grain, 🙂 , and the ticket is well-deserved so the consequences are mine. I do appreciate it however!

    If you really want to help, donate to your favorite Republican candidate instead? There’s also always Soldier’s Angels, or this page.

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