Khatami On Trial in Iran

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katami.jpgWhen Students Rule

A religious tribunal will by trying former president Khatami, a moderate as Iran goes, for shaking hands with a woman on a recent trip to Italy. The charges were brought by students, as is happening more frequently throughout the Islamic world. In the past when student movements that follow dark and evil ideologies are allowed to rule the outcome has never been good.

It was mainly students who incited the returning soldiers and the starving peasants at the start of the the Russian revolution; when the red fought the white and millions died. It was students who ran tribunals in the Killing fields of Cambodia, and it was students who have murdered thousands in terrorist incidents around the world.

A country who follows the lead of students instead of those with experience and wisdom has leadership that is either absent or insane. Story from ADN Kronos:

An Iranian religious tribunal will try former president Mohammad Khatami, a moderate Muslim cleric, and possibly ban him from preaching over a handhsake with two women during a recent trip to Italy. The court, which is charged to rule on crimes committed by clerics, will examine the lawsuit presented by a group of talabeh, theology students, from Mashhad, Iran’s holiest city. Another lawsuit has also been filed by paramilitary militia Hezbollah, present in all major Iranian cities.

In a statement distributed to the press Wednesday, the clerics ask for Khatami’s conviction for shaking “impure hands, contradicting the sacred principles of Islam” and compare the former president, who ruled from 1997 until 2005, to a “political prostitute.”

This is a clear signal that Iran has completely repudiated its brief flirtation with moderation, and that the curtain of repressive night has descended across the sands of Persia. The signs are everywhere, from the hijab police, to the stonings, the arrests and roundups of protestors, to trials like this one.