On the Road Again

Blogging is going to be spotty this week, I’m on the road awhile. I just watched my first installment of Dan Rather’s new show on HDnet, so far a loving tribute to the poor, misunderstood Zapatistas in Chiapas, Mexico. Lots of interviews with people wearing bandanas and masks with grievances against the government.

Now covering the Nativist movement, the history of the Aztecs, and that wonderful practice of human sacrifice. Hrmm now covering their farming methods, we understand, they are Agrarian reformers.

I don’t have multiple tabs since I’m doing this from my phone, so I’m not going to be doing topical reports on news items as usual,  just checking in periodically to let you know I am out here.

Now Dan’s into the “Sub Commandante Marcos — the man behind the mask” … We know enough about Marcos  — another socialist has been who will never see his revolution.

 Ok now Dan’s at his summary, as you could have figured out it’s the US, we are bad capitalists. It’s NAFTA, it’s those jobs in North America that are at fault, they took the obigatory jab at Bill Gates who has done more to enrich people’s lives worldwide than ten thousand Sub-Commandante Marcos would.

Dan’s soundbite description of the Zapatistas:

 “They are here to break down borders…”