Travel Warning for Pakistan

From the Daily Times:

 LAHORE: The United States Embassy has warned its citizens to defer travel to Pakistan because of recent information indicating terrorists may be plotting attacks on Western interest in the country.

“Recent information indicates that terrorists may be planning to conduct attacks against Western interests in Pakistan. These interests may include NGOs and companies. No further information is available regarding the exact timing, location, or specific targets of these attacks. US citizens should defer travel, and are reminded to examine their personal security practices,” says a warden notice issued by the US Embassy in Islamabad.

“The embassy would like to remind the American citizen community of the need to stay alert, to reduce travel to minimum acceptable levels, and to act self-defensively at all times. American citizens should avoid areas where Westerners are known to congregate, vary their routes and times, and maintain a low profile. We remind American citizens that protests and demonstrations may occur throughout Pakistan without prior notice and to avoid all demonstrations and protests.”

Update: This is not intel received from Pakistan spurring the notice, it’s intel developed by US resources our state department passed it to Pakistani authorities as this article in the Frontier Post details.