Al Qaeda Appoints New Afghanistan Leader

Al Qaeda has released another video following Ayman Al Zawahiri’s to declare a new leader to the flagging and split Taliban front in Afghanistan.  The new leader is Mustafa Abu Al-Yazid aka “Sa’id”.

Al Qaeda has suffered many failings and setbacks the past two months, starting with overthrow in Anbar by the Salvation Councils, to the ouster of the Uzbeks from South Waziristan, and finally the ignominious death of Dadullah; scrabbling on the floor looking for his leg so he could run away from the Afghan Army.

Here’s the video from Memri, in which Al Qaeda now declares Jihad against Turkey for arresting Al Iraqi as he transited to Iraq — I don’t think the followers of Kemal are impressed for some reason.

The Taliban’s promised massive Spring offensive proved to be a lie, just as the extended mythic tale told by Zawahiri of Dadullah’s death was a lie. Now they have given up on winning and are simply hoping to hold some area in Opium country, since dealing drugs is a major source of their funding. They continue to find an occasional suicide bomber among the halt, the lame, and the mentally deficient, but even the thousands of suicide bombers continually promised by Dadullah and others isn’t there.

The truth is that Al Qaeda is anti-muslim — by agitating to set up the Sultanate, they conspire against those who would have the Caliphate. It’s the ancient, cold and calculated power struggle that pits race against race, tribe against tribe, and sect against sect. It’s truly sad that the Islamic world has not awoken to the fact yet that Al Qaeda has murdered, tortured, maimed, and dishonored more Muslims than anyone from the west has.