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liberte-egalite-fraternite.jpgFrance used to be about liberty, equality, and brotherhood, but nowadays they have trouble understanding the difference between Terrorism and Rebellion. AFP has decided that they need to rewrite the lexicon. Over the years the Taliban have graduated in their eyes: from Terrorist fundamentalists to Extremists, to Militants, and finally this headline hails them as “Rebels”. 

Nearly 70 rebels killed in attack: Afghan commander

Nearly 70 Taliban militants were killed in an ambush by US-led forces and Afghan soldiers in eastern Afghanistan, a military commander said Saturday.

The rebels were killed late Friday in Paktia province near the border with Pakistan, Afghan army general Sami-Ul Haq Badar said.

“We set an ambush, attacked them and killed 67 Taliban. Their bodies were lying on the ground,” he said.

The general said the soldiers had been tipped off that there were Taliban in the area. No Afghan or foreign soldiers were hurt in the gunfight, which lasted several hours, he said.

The Taliban pour acid in schoolgirl’s faces, abduct and behead Afghans, burn schools, blow up innocents, and refuse to show their faces. Sometimes they dress in burkas as women to escape notice. To call these cowardly miscreants rebels instead of terrorists is to besmirch the dignity and meaning of every true rebellion in history, including their own in France.

On the other hand the news is good, even though the Taliban say they are killing spies they certainly do appear to be heavily infiltrated, and they are being systematically crushed so far this Spring as they try to ramp up their summer offensive.

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