Hekmatyar Says Osama Bin Laden is Alive

al-qaida-schism.jpgIn a video broadcast on Al Arabiya television Hekmatyar, the butcher of Kabul, (responsible for the deaths of tens of thousands of muslims from rockets during the attack on Rabbani’s government in Kabul) states that Osama Bin Laden still lives, he’s just keeping a low-profile.

More from Daily Times:

An Afghan rebel leader said he had information that Osama bin Laden is alive but keeping a low profile by not issuing statements, according to a video aired on Sunday.

The Al Qaeda leader’s long silence has fuelled speculation that the world’s most-wanted fugitive may be dead, reported Reuters. “Based on information I have, I believe Osama is alive,” said Gulbuddin Hekmatyar, whose forces operate in southeastern Afghanistan near Pakistan, in an undated video broadcast on Al Arabiya television. His remarks were dubbed into Arabic. “I also believe that it is good that he…not appear in the media and that it is wise that no statements or tapes are issued,” said Hekmatyar, without elaborating.

The story then states that he leads a movement “separate from the Taleban Islamist front” which is seriously funny, if Hekmatyar’s not an Islamist then why is he praising Bin Laden? Just because he’s allied with Hezb-i-Islam doesn’t mean the ideology is not the same, it just means he gets some support from inside Iran, and from Arab sources instead of just Pakistan and Afghanistan. (Although Hekmatyar’s offices were closed in Iran and he moved from exile there, this was just so Iran could have “plausible deniability”.)  Hekmatyar is a parody of himself having allied with anyone under the sun who will help him gain power, including the communists, Massoud, the CIA, the Taliban, and Al Qaeda. His real cause is power for Hekmatyar. As the cause fades the remaining leaders are are not only pseudo-idealogues, but they are also growing desperate to drum up support to their evil aims.

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