Jamia Hafsa Asks for Fatwah on Moderation

pakistan30307_wideweb__470×3110.jpgIn the latest move by the militant provocateurs of Jamia Hafsa they have sent a letter to the Grand Mosque asking for a religious decree from the prayer leader. They want a declaration or Fatwa on the use of terrorism to describe Jihad, and on obscenity, and they brought up Nilofer Bahktiar, Minister of Tourism, as well as obscenity again. 

You certainly can’t call them students anymore since they seem to spend too much time worrying about everyone else’s behaviour in Pakistan rather than their studies and piety.  What should they be called then since they neglect their studies and parade about with canes and white headbands? From Daily Times:

Female students of the Jamia Hafsa on Thursday demanded a religious decree from the prayer leader of the Grand Mosque regarding the Islamic view on terming jihad as terrorism and the “spread of obscenity in the name of enlightened moderation”. Khola Abdul Rehman and her fellow students made this demand to the prayer leader of the Grand Mosque in a letter written to Religious Minister Ejazul Haq. They asked the minister for his help in obtaining the answer and the decree of the prayer leader. They asked for the decree of the prayer leader on the steps taken by the present government in the same letter. The students also questioned the parachute jump of a female minister and the state of martyrdom for those who died fighting in Wana and the tribal areas.

The laundry list of issues you see above all tie back to interpretation of Islamic Surahs, and they are designed to inflame tensions in several areas, no matter what the answer that comes back.