Mango Knife Fight

mango-knife.jpgI was all set to write a long post about why the different energy lobbies need to stop attacking each other since ultimately we will need all possible sources of energy in the coming years, however in between thinking it through in my head and putting it in type I stopped to prep dinner.

I was going to make a nice mango/yellow pepper sauce for the cedar plank barbecue salmon I was imagining, but this mango got aggressive. I quickly got out a knife to show it who was boss, but somehow I lost the knife fight with the mango. The photo shows the results.

So it’s a ham samich, a tetanus shot, and seven stitches tonight, and Salmon on the morrow.

4 thoughts on “Mango Knife Fight”

  1. You know, Thanos…reading about your “duel” with the mango and although, I do feel bad that you were injured, it actually conjured up some thoughts for me regarding the ongoing battle in this country against Terror.

    You see, the Mango…can truly be viewed as the entire subject of fighting Terror in order to preserve Freedom and Liberty. Sure, that mango is designed wickedly – that pit (which some could compare to the Dem/Leftist opposition) seems to run at times from one end of that mango to the other end and leaving no chance to get a knife in between it and the fruit! That evil mango pit, representing the perversion and deceit of the Left starts out with confusion as its main defense and then presents the operational complexities to deal with it. The paring of a mango requires a battleplan, it requires a devout will and of course, as you have shown, it is packed with peril.

    But when you have that one flat side of the fruit removed from the mango, and you scored it and inverted it and that first cubed chunk of fruit pops out and you slip it into your mouth, that juicy fruit, much like the Freedom we thrive on, well….it has a sweetness and flavor unrivaled.

    The irony is once you have wrestled that first chunk of fruit away from the evil Pit, the first taste of success and freedom have been gained from the Pelosis and the Reids and the Murthas…you look at the task at hand of removing the rest of the fruit from the pit – and you soon realize how tenacious that pit is. It clings to all of the remaining fruit with fiberous-like tentacles….sure, you get a flavor of the fruit to be gained but it comes in strands, in bits and quite frankly it is a mess. But gaining and protecting Freedom can be damn messy.

    Years from now, Thanos, when you look down to see that small scar on that finger of yours….you can remember back and not say “dammit, that would have been an awesome mango/pepper sauce”…you can display that scar proudly and say, “I fought for Freedom….the battle was bloody and messy but the Fruit of Liberty….ahhhh…yesss….a sweetness I remember dearly.”

    Heal quickly, Thanos!!

  2. From Bangkok, “The BIG Mango!”, comes another concurring voice: Raise the call, Thanos!

    Trumpet the reality of America’s enemies, and know that ‘Abdu-l Baha, the son of Baha’u’llah, spent 9 months traveling and teaching in America after he was released from imprisonment of 30 years!

    His praise for America, American values and ideals, and his faith in America’s HEART are all on record at

  3. When you feel like retiring there is always the quiet little community of Mango Florida. The mangos here might be more laid back, I haven’t notice any mango fights on the 6 o’clock news…except for the mango uprising of ’92 when the Orange Groves tries to move in on their turf. A nice little squirt of pesticides calmed them all down.

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