The Battle Against Big Wind

This revealing documentary shows the creeping fascism of the wind-conglomerates, set on ruining America’s coastlines for all time. 

[ Since I do not use sarcasm on this blog often, for the less agile minds : this is sarcasm. – Editor.]

Remembering Jinnah

jinnah-pakistan-001.jpgAll Things Pakistan remembers Mr. Jinnah’s speech at the founding of the Nation of Pakistan. Please stop by for a read, the speech is inspiring, and even though the comments devolve into a flame-fest over partition, there’s a lot of history covered there.

Missing Pakistani Soldiers Captured by Taliban

The Taliban is requesting  a prisoner exchange for the captured Pakistani Soldiers, now believed to be ISI or SSG personnel. They were captured in civilian clothes as they left a convoy, and the army has been seeking them since, attacking some camps and bombarding weapons caches. Continue reading “Missing Pakistani Soldiers Captured by Taliban”

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