In the Wake of Independence Day

pakistan-flag.jpgYesterday Pakistan and their first newspaper, Dawn, both celebrated their sixtieth year. Birthed by partition on India’s independence from Britain, the nation was ushered into being by the unflagging work of Mr. Jinnah, or Qaid-e-Azam. So I will say “Pakistan Zindabad! and Dawn Zindabad! as well, sorry it’s a day late due to several problems at work. For more on Independence day, visit Metroblogging Islamabad.

During the celebrations, authorities captured  an unidentified squad of suicide bombers who were bent on a coordinated disruption of the celebrations.

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MS Security; Black Tuesday Came Yesterday

It’s that time of month, Microsoft has released their security patches. Virus exploits for all of these security vulnerabilities will be out shortly if they are not out already. Please go to Windows update and get patched if you haven’t already. Below is the laundry list.

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