The F-22 Raptor; A Beautiful Thing

The F-22 Raptor is America’s next generation fighter, capable of supercruising to destination and passing supersonic speeds without JATOs afterburners. It’s stealthy, even when armed to the max, as few other aircraft are. In practice matches with up to five f-16 and f-18 opponents who flew the Raptor and knew its tactics the Raptor shot down all opponents before they knew it was there. Here you see it in some low speed maneuvering, and halfway through you see the weapons bay doors open and close.

3 thoughts on “The F-22 Raptor; A Beautiful Thing”

  1. FYI…conventional fighter aircraft use afterburners to reach supersonic speeds, not JATO (Jet Assisted Take Off).

  2. Just a beautiful flying display. The Raptor goes thru its paces so effortlessly and totally under control at all times. Amazing for such a big fighter. And the funny thing is, maneuverability isn’t even its strongest suit just the one attribute that can be best demonstrated to tyhe public.

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