Fun With Cameras

sea-monkey.jpg¬†I discovered some amazing new sea life on an expedition recently…. photo to the left.



Ok, seriously this is a picture of a Sea Monkey that my daughter got me several years back. Yes, I am a geek. This was taken with a hand-held Canon XTI, from six feet away with a telephoto lens at max range. That’s a partial print of Thanos you see in the upper left corner, and this is about a twentieth of the actual picture…

Bangladeshi Democracy Riots, Curfews Declared

bangladesh_truck203.jpgIn the wake of student protests for democracy the interim military government of¬†Bangladesh has called a curfew in most cities. One person died in Rhajshaha, and there were 100 injuries as students clashed with police in cities across the nation. Gosh, I thought they didn’t want democracy or freedom?

From Malaysia times:

Dhaka, Aug 22 : Curfew has been imposed in Dhaka and other cities after protests by students turned violent.

One person has been killed and 100 others have been injured as riots by students spread to more universities across the country on Wednesday.

The military-backed government has called appealed for calm, and warned people not to break the law.

The clashes between police and students broke out on Monday.

Students’ demand for restoration of democracy is slowly transforming into a movement and has spread to other main cities of the country.

The BBC report here.

  • Universities have been shut down
  • Curfews set for major cities
  • Mobile networks shut down
  • Media warned not to carry coverage of the riots

The most pertinent quote:

Two other military governments in the past – that of Ziaur Rahman and Muhammad Ershad – were both brought down in protests that were started by students.