New Russian UCAV

Defense tech has the skinny on the new MIG prototype for a Russian UCAV (Unmanned Combat Air Vehicle) with two weapons bays here. Named the “Skat” with the A pronounced long like “Skate”.

Update: Below is some video footage from Moscow news feed — as you can see once armed, the craft will lose much of its “stealth” .

Pakistan Opens the Door to a Dark Past

nawaz-sharif.jpgNawaz Sharif, ex-prime minister of Pakistan is now free to return and contest elections in Pakistan. He is a direct opponent to President Musharraf, and his supporters are the Islamists in JI and IJT who form the base of the Taliban, and their only slightly less agressive political wing. He is the candidate that the MMA is likely to back as well.

Under Nawaz Sharif Pakistan became a nuclear power, and the black market in nuclear components with North Korea and Iran started. Under Sharif, the Taliban were trained by the Pakistan ISI, supplied, fed, and armed by the government. Continue reading “Pakistan Opens the Door to a Dark Past”