The Mask Comes Off: Pakistan Update

The Army of Pakistan continues to hunt the mountains for their kidnapped brothers in arms as they pound Al Qaeda and Taliban camps and hideouts in Miranshah. From the Daily Times:

 “In previous months there were several attempts made by miscreants against security forces and we would show patience but it is not the case now.”

Arshad said the military was hunting for 16 paramilitary soldiers who went missing on Thursday morning in South Waziristan.

Arshad said the stepped-up action in the border areas was not in reaction to pressure from Washington. “We know Al Qaeda is present in the region, there are Taliban elements and their local supporters and we are acting against them in our own national interest.”

This is true as Al Qaeda has declared war on Pakistan, and attempted more than twenty assassinations of leaders in the past two years, some successful. They have all their pawns out on the board; but their leaders hide as they always do. You won’t catch Ayman strapping on a suicide vest, nor will Sami Al Haq — instead they send the young — the useful idiots with heads pumped full of vileness. Whose son or daughter is next to die, what people will be without power tomorrow as idiots blow up more power poles? Who will lie in pieces in a gutter next week while the Saudi dogs bark in the hills, and howl in the Wafaqul assembly? Continue reading “The Mask Comes Off: Pakistan Update”