TVA to Finish Building 2nd Watts Bar Reactor

TVA voted to finish contruction of a second reactor at Watts Bar that stopped building in 1985. This is great news, and successful finish of this construction will herald the way for new Nuclear energy plants in the US. Continue reading “TVA to Finish Building 2nd Watts Bar Reactor”

In the Shadow of the Moon

This is a trailer of an upcoming Ron Howard movie, In the Shadow of the Moon — just watching the trailer reminded me of how great we can all be, and what we can accomplish. This is one I will be seeing at the theater.

Rudy Takes on a Hard-Hitting Journalist

Finally, a candidate who can fully answer hard-hitting detailed questions from reporters in a firm, concise, and polite manner. There simply wasn’t a follow-up after this quashing of the notion that Rudy didn’t deserve credit for the tax cuts he fought for in New York as Mayor. See below.

Sunday Morning Terror Roundup

samarra-mosque.jpgThis weekend has been a tour d’ force in combatting terror on several fronts, I’ll recap the major events below. First for all of the people involved in these captures and kills: you are doing a fantastically good job, we love you for it, please keep up the great work!

In Iraq US forces have killed the Al Qaeda mastermind who planned the attack on the Samarra Mosque, from Reuters:

The U.S. military said Haitham al-Badri, the al Qaeda leader in Salahuddin province, was killed by U.S. forces on August 2.

They said he was responsible for the bombing of the Golden Mosque on June 13 this year that destroyed its minarets and sparked a series of revenge attacks on Sunni mosques.

“During an operation August 2 east of Samarra, Coalition Forces killed … Haitham al-Badri, the al-Qaeda in Iraq emir of Salahuddin province. He is also the terrorist mastermind responsible for the Golden Mosque bombing in Samarra on June 13,” the U.S. military said in a statement.

Bill Roggio has full reportage and more detail at The Fourth Rail.

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