Taliban Murder 10 Afghans

In Afghanistan the Taliban tried an attack on a NATO base, but they are terribly incompetent nowadays. Instead they rained rockets on a civilian neighborhood, murdering 10 Pashtuns. From Daily times:

ASDADABAD: Ten civilians were killed when Taliban rebels fired rockets at a US base in eastern Afghanistan on Friday, and an Afghan soldier died in a suicide bombing outside the Kabul airport.

The 10 civilians died and another five were injured when militants fired rockets at the US-led coalition base in eastern Kunar province’s Chawkai district, which hit a nearby village, police and officials said. “The Taliban fired several rockets over the base but the rockets fell short and landed on civilian homes,” police official Abdul Sabour Allahyar told AFP.

Hsu Surrenders in California

norman-hsu.jpgNorman Hsu, Democrat “rain-maker” or fund raiser, surrendered to authorities in San Mateo, California today to face grand theft charges. This is the third questionable donor to fall from grace after contributing to Hillary Clinton and other Democrat campaign funds. Can you say “Culture of Corruption?” — Yes, I thought you could! Now where did I put my sweater and loafers…. Continue reading “Hsu Surrenders in California”

Compensate Gitmo Detainees? NO Way says Mahmood

A Baharainian blogger, Mahmood is upset about a proposal to compensate detainees released from Guantanamo. He says it’s tacit support for terror. Story here

If the parliament really adopts this brainfart it is as if they accept and even condone terrorism. It is tantamount to announcing to the world that terrorism pays! Wasn’t it you and your ilk who fully supported the Law Against Terrorism in parliament? Whatisitwijyouboy? Double standards is your way of life?

Listen, they made their own beds and now they should bloody well lie in them. They are now free and not thanks to your “efforts” but that of the BCHR primarily and their activist US lawyers. You jammed yourself right in the middle for your own political gains and most certainly not theirs.

So get off that high horse of yours and don’t go throwing money hither and thither, your job as an MP is to ensure that that does not happen not aid and abet it for God’s sake. Get a life will ya!