Another Grim Muslim Milestone

Since August 1st Al Qaeda and their affiliates, all self-designated and self-proclaimed holy-warriors for Kalefa, have murdered, tortured to death, blown to bits, burnt, and terminally maimed 790 fellow Muslims. The month’s not over yet.

You could argue that this is a war against other Muslims for power and you would be right, but you best not say it loud because if you disagree with these fanatic thugs and their murder-mullahs then you are Takfir to them. They will be Emir, Sultan, Caliphate and no other can be in their books and their unholy war… but by what right?


This is why all Islamic states with Islamist political wings are like feathers upon the sand awaiting the deathwind. When any dog can bark that they are emir, when any shura formed of jackals can claim Calipha,  which dog or pack of jackals do you listen to; and then what is the future of Islam?