Wazir vs Mehsud War?

There have been several tense standoffs at the border of NWFP and SWFP in Pakistan, as Mehsud Taliban block the road and commerce from Waziristan to the north. The Wazir tribes, also Taliban, are holding soldiers hostage, while the Mehsuds are attacking the government as well.

It’s hard to keep the players straight, but there does appear to be a rift along tribal lines in the Taliban, although both factions are against the army and the Government of Pakistan. Continue reading “Wazir vs Mehsud War?”

Doctor Doctor Give Me the News

pakistani-med-student.jpgNow that schools have re-opened the friction in Pakistani society between the hard-core terrorists, their sympathizers, the pacifist religious conservatives (who are hard to tell apart from the Islamist extremists,) and the general populace has moved to the universities.

Yesterday there was a large clash of students at the Sindh Medical College as students of the Punjabi Student Association (PSA,) fought with members of Islami-Jameyah-e-Talaba,(IJT,) which is the recruiting ground for Jamiat Islami members and leaders.

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