Noblesse Oblige

Noblesse Oblige is the name of this blog, and what it concisely means is “The Obligations of Nobility”.  All of us have the spirit within to be noble, however few achieve that. With noble passions and deeds comes ultimate responsibility; obligation not to a few, but to all, including future generations, and even those you hate. That burden, said to lie heavy on the heads of past kings, crushes modern leaders like the millstones of the heavens.

Six years makes all weary of war; but six years are like sixty for those who lead in time of war. All good things take persistence, and patience — even in a modern world where instant gratification is the norm.

Saying what should have been done after the fact when results both good and ill are trumpeted like clarions and flung like mud both near and far is easy. Choosing the path at time of decision while wearing the shoes and the values is quite another indeed. Continue reading “Noblesse Oblige”

Omar Speaks on Cue — or Not.

dogboy-omar.gifMullah Omar is either hiding in Quetta or dead — either way he’s an ineffective leader, a non-factor like Bin Laden. This agitprop drawing aside, do either of them matter to the various Taliban factions anymore? Since neither has released true tape, nor accomplished anything in six years, you have to wonder if Ayman Al Zawahiri hasn’t killed them both to take control.

Continue reading “Omar Speaks on Cue — or Not.”

PPP and PML-N Funded and Armed the Taliban

talib2.jpgPapers released under the Freedom of Information Act (FOIA) demonstrate that the government of Pakistan funded and equipped the Taliban throughout the 90’s. It’s what I have long said here, but now there is proof. Benazir Bhutto funded them, Nawaz Sharif funded them, all the while living like Moghuls while Pakistan remained underdeveloped.

Many blame the Saudi-influenced Islamist nature of Pakistan on Zia-al-Haq, but these papers demonstrate that the policies were just continued under Bhutto and Sharif. So during the massacres in Afghanistan, during the terror attacks, and during the destruction of society of Afhanistan the Pakistan government did more than just look the other way; they supported it all. Here’s a historical example from August, nine years ago Continue reading “PPP and PML-N Funded and Armed the Taliban”