Pakistan Update

The standoff in the frontiers might be about to break as the tribal jirga in Bajaur ended with no deal, both the Taliban and the Tribals refusing to budge.

On the political front there’s still a lot of back and forth: Musharraf and Bhutto are still going back and forth about when the uniform will come off. The opposition leader released by the Supreme Court of Pakistan, ¬†Javed Hashmi, addressed the National Assembly in his role as acting President, PML-N, and leader of ARD (the coalition of minor parties opposed to Musharraf, mostly MMA and PML-N.) The opposition parties thumped as he arrived, but the PPP and PML members mostly ignored the speech.

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Al Qaida Training Tape From Gaza

This video, purportedly filmed in Gaza shows “Jais-al-Ummah” Al Qaeda-Aligned ¬†fighters training – yes there are the usual flaming hoop jumps.

Noteworthy are the Black AQ flag, the black outfits. On the other hand isn’t it HAMAs who does the flaming hoop jumps, or is that the “Moderate” Fatah?

Now you get a content-rejected message, so I salute Daily Motion for removing Jihadist videos. YouTube could learn something here.