Indian Mullahs Issue Death Fatwa Against Taslima

Indian Muslim Clerics have issued a Death Warrant, or Fatwah, against Taslima Nasreen, exiled Bangladeshi writer whose novel “Lajja” or Shame, portrayed the violence of massive Muslim/Hindi riots. Previously she was assaulted at the book release in India, you can see the video of that here, at Little Green Footballs, and her legal troubles with the religionists of rage are detailed here.

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Suicide Bomber Injures Five Pakistan Soldiers Near Tank

A Pakistani security force convoy was attacked by a suicide bomber ramming them with a VBIED earlier, killing himself and injuring five soldiers. From Khaleej Times:

Earlier, Pakistani forces killed four suspected militants in a firefight after a rocket attack on their positions overnight in South Waziristan, local security officials said. Clashes between security forces and militants have been reported daily from the lawless region since the breakdown in July of a peace deal the authorities signed with pro-Taliban groups in September last year. Pakistan’s army said it killed 10 militants and injured a dozen others in clashes on Thursday which erupted after militants tried to ambush a security forces convoy on the Jandola road.