Iraq Reaches Landmark Consensus on Baathists

800px-flag_of_iraq_svg.pngIt’s about time! In a landmark consensus Iraq’s government has agreed to loosen restrictions on ex-Baathists holding government jobs and positions. This has been what’s been needed a while. A few months back I wrote about how the Baathists were now the “dispossessed” of Iraq — they have all lost position, status, wealth, and lands.

Like the Loyalists in the US after the American Revolution, the Baathists need a solution — unlike the Loyalists there aren’t other countries willing to take them in and recompense them. Continue reading “Iraq Reaches Landmark Consensus on Baathists”

JeM, LeJ, and SeS Join Al Qaeda

A new report from Pakistan states that the terrorist groups Jaish-e-Muhammad, Lashkar-e-Jangvi and Sipah-e-Sahaba have joined Al Qaida in alignment against the government and people of Pakistan. Keep in mind that most believe JeM to be an umbrella group, with subsidiaries among the various Kashmir Jihadi groups, such as HJI. The report also identifies their leader in North Waziristan, Abu Ali Tunisi, or “The Tunisian” — note the naming convention matches Al Qaeda practice.

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Hackers Take Down Pakistan Daily Times

Hackers have defaced the main online page of the Pakistan Daily Times with this message:

hack3d by ic3d r0s3 :):) greetz to (linuxg0d) ,(savechanges) ,(pagefault) and old whackerz crew;;;;;; to PHA and yeah to the criticized one (abunasar) : keep it up kid;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;;; and still after 2 yrs ………….. — THIS IS THE END BEAUTIFUL FRIEND ?? ;;;;; Mr. Mush PLz GOOOOOOOOO

Judging from the quote “This is the end beautiful friend” it’s a Doors fan, not a Jihadi.

Newsweek’s Bin Laden


  • You can tell it’s the dog days…
  • you can tell circulation is fading….
  • you can tell Tora Bora is being hit again….
  • you can tell we are nearing the report on the important surge in Iraq…

When magazines retread rumors and old news on Osama Bin Laden.

In Newsweek’s upcoming edition you will see all the old stuff, coupled with a visit to the front in Tora Bora where the Uzbek and Chechens who have been pushed out of Pakistan by Mehsud and the Pakistan army’s separate actions are getting obliterated.

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