Taliban Massacre Schoolgirls in Afghanistan

daddullah-damned-2.jpgI missed this last week but here is yet another report of brave warriors of Allah on Jihad massacring innocent schoolgirls. From BBC on June 6th:

Two gunmen on a motorbike have killed two school girls and wounded six others as they left their school south of the Afghan capital, Kabul, officials say. The attack in Logar province came at about midday as pupils were leaving.

Officials say the gunmen waited for the girls before spraying bullets into the all-girl school and escaping. It is not clear who carried out the attack.

Correspondents say it is thought to be the first time school girls have been targeted in this way.


Tuesday’s shooting occurred at the Qalay Meadan school in Qala-e Saeed Habib area, not far from the Logar provincial capital, Pol-e Alam. Education Minister Hanif Atmar said he was shocked.

“Those who carried out this cowardly attack are the enemies of the country,” he told reporters in Kabul.

The government uses the term “enemies of Afghanistan” to describe the Taleban and their al-Qaeda allies. A large search is now underway to find the gunmen. The Taleban reportedly denied carrying out the attack.

Afghanistan’s Pajhwok news website said a man claiming to speak for the country’s hard-line former rulers had condemned the murder of school children. he spokesman “said such slayings were mostly linked to family feuds and local customs”, Pajhwok reported.

They are too cowardly to stand against the Afghan army, to weak to even take on the police anymore, so they gun down schoolgirls and leave the children of Afghanistan bleeding and dying on the street while they run away. They are evil dogs following demon packmasters.