Musharraf Rescinds Media Blackout Laws

President Musharraf of Pakistan has rescinded the law that allows PEMRA to close and confiscate broadcaster stations after meeting with media leaders. He extracted from them a promise to come up with a code of ethics for broadcasters in three days. This is good news, and it should calm things a bit. The Chief Justice Investigation, the suspended Christian Nurses, Jamia hafsa, unrest in Balochistan, and the Pakistan Taliban extreme shariat NWFP insurgency are still simmering in the background however.

Story at Breitbart

Pakistani President Gen. Pervez Musharraf decided Saturday to rescind a law which imposed curbs on local media, private TV channel AAJ reported, quoting Information Minister Mohammad Ali Durrani.

The TV channel quoted Durrani as saying that Musharraf conveyed the decision in a meeting with the owners of private television channels who have promised to formulate a code of ethics for their broadcasts.

But another channel, GEO TV, said Musharraf expressed his intention to rescind the amended law if the television station owners come out with a code of conduct in three days.

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