UK Car Bomb Foiled

Little Green Footballs has the best ongoing coverage, short list of facts:

MPACUK, KOS, and the MSM seem to be downplaying it with the usual litany of “don’t worry be happy” salvos – it wouldn’t have worked, it’s a marketing scheme, it’s a CIA plot against Brown, the IDF did it, etc. Getting tired of the loons unable to cope with reality because the facts aren’t convenient for their political world-view.

Islamic forums have postings warning of this, but so far nobody’s clearly claimed credit

This could have been a suicide car bomb, or a remote control car bomb, two cars involved and one suspect fled.

UPDATE : 2nd Car bomb discovered, mutiple propane canisters, cans of gasoline, and packs of roofing nails, both car bombs very similar to the ones used to massacre crowds in Baghdad Markets. What’s next for AQ in the UK? Clorine truck bombs?

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  1. I’m convinced that at this time in history, if Al Qaeda repeated the 9/11 attacks on the U.S. today and killed another 3,000 innocent American civilians, the MSM would lead off the nightly news with a report on Congressional hearings of a White House official.

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