The Death of an Evil Man – Chemical Ali to Hang

halabja3.jpgAli Hassan al-Majid, cousin to Sadaam Hussein, was sentenced to death today for his part in the Halabja chemical massacre, and for the brutality with which he exterminated the Shia in Southern Iraq. He was tried by the Iraq Special Tribunal for crimes against humanity, and for genocide. If you think this harsh, here are the words of Ali speaking to Sadaam Hussein, captured on tape and replayed during the trial


“I will strike them with chemical weapons and kill them all,” a voice identified by prosecutors as that of Majeed, Hussein’s cousin and a senior aide, is heard saying.

“Who is going to say anything? The international community? Curse the international community,” the voice continued.

“Yes, it’s effective, especially on those who don’t wear a mask immediately, as we understand,” another voice, identified as Hussein, is heard saying on another tape.

“Sir, does it exterminate thousands?” a voice asks back.

“Yes, it exterminates thousands and forces them not to eat or drink and they will have to evacuate their homes without taking anything with them, until we can finally purge them,” the voice identified as Hussein answers.

During the trial he defended his words by saying:

“All the words used by me, such as ‘deport them’ or ‘wipe them out,’ were only for psychological effect,”  

Ali Hassan deserves death, and hanging is much too kind.

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