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Police apprehended a miscreant who was trying to lob a hand grenade on the female students of an embroidery school here in Peer Colony on Saturday. As per details, a miscreant who was trying to cross the wall of the embroidery centre when the grenade exploded in his hand

daddullah-damned-2.jpgThe Taliban’s decline into stupidity becomes more obvious every day, as you can see from a few incidents in Pakistan. The quality of their recruits is terrible, it’s seems they can’t even attack women’s schools anymore.

In Mardan a terrorist attempted to bomb an embroidery school after sending a threatening letter that the women should wear veils. Unfortunately the miscreant must have been out in the sun too long or heat dazed, because the grenade went off in his hand as he was climbing the wall.


The report from the Frontier Post below:

Police apprehended a miscreant who was trying to lob a hand grenade on the female students of an embroidery school here in Peer Colony on Saturday. As per details, a miscreant who was trying to cross the wall of the embroidery centre when the grenade exploded in his hand, chopping it up from his body. As police received information of the case they rushed to school and arrested the miscreant read (sic) handed. Earlier, school headmistress was threatening through a letter to instruct the students to wear veils.

It would be fitting fate for the mental-incompetent if it was his right hand lost would you not say? More on this, including the name of the “red handed” culprit at The Daily Times. More at Gateway Pundit.

In the continuing Taliban campaign to interupt commerce between Afghanistan and Pakistan, they attempted to blow up an oil tanker purportedly taking fuel to the army in Afghanistan. A cleaner drove them off, but was shot to death as the cowards fled on a motorcycle without planting their dynamite. The tanker continued north unharmed, but it’s seriously bad that they are attacking tankers. Do they not think that the money is needed in Pakistan? Do they not think that the trucks are needed in Pakistan? Do they not know that the same tankers take fuel to Pakistanis? When villages have no fuel and the snow starts falling who are they going to blame for the lack of tankers to bring in fuel?

Terrorists also interupted power a short while by blowing up an electric pole in Quetta, this will make the Taliban really popular when the fans stop turning and the food goes bad in refridgerators in the record heat waves Pakistan’s been suffering through lately.

In Lakki Marwat the Taliban knuckled under to pressure from a tribal jirga and released a hostage, a leader in the Amadi sect. The Amadi sect is recognized from most Islamic states as Muslim, but in Pakistan that’s against the law — they stamp their passport as “other” for religion, which means that Pakistani Amadis cannot take the pilgrimage to Mecca. There is also an accusation of bigotry as NGO’s are making accusations that the Amahdis have been purged from voter rolls.

“Religious bigotry still exists in the new voters’ lists issued by the Election Commission of Pakistan (ECP),” the Commission for Peace and Human Development, a non-governmental organisation, stated in its press release on Saturday. The press release stated further that in the new lists Christians, Hindus, Sikhs were kept in a combined list and Ahmadis in a separate list. It also stated that the registration of the voters should not be based on religion. “The voters’ forms contain a category showing religious affiliation and its Form-4 has an affidavit declaring that the voter is a Muslim and not an Ahmadi,” it also stated. The commission in its press release had urged the government to take a serious note of this religious prejudice.

UPDATE: In Afghanistan the Taliban has massacred 32 Afghanistan Pashtuns on a bus, 22 were police, the other ten civilians. Do they think to win the holy war by murdering the Ummah steadily? Must every Islamic country be rubble and ashes and corpses for the Taliban to achieve their aim of power? Whose son died after the mullahs brainwashed him and sent him after school was out? Which mullah gets paid for the recruit?  H/T LGF

An enormous bomb ripped through a police academy bus at Kabul’s busiest transportation hub Sunday, killing at least 35 people in the deadliest insurgent attack in Afghanistan since the U.S.-led invasion in 2001. The Taliban claimed responsibility.

The thunderous explosion which sheared the metal sidings and roof off the bus, leaving only a charred skeleton represented a leap in scale from previous Taliban or al-Qaida bombings here, raising the specter of an increase in Iraq-style attacks in Afghanistan.

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  1. I’d like to see at this time, I HUGE push against the Taliban by the U.S. and Nato. I’m talking about an all out offensive designed to drive them back. I say go after them heavy at the border of Pakistan – let all loose against them – let them continue some of this Baghdad-style nickel and dime chicken sh*t crap up in Kabul and other places but remind them the price they will pay. I say drop load after load of bombs on these morons – start racking up some insane death counts on these pigs

    Just like when Hamas over the years would send in a string of suicide bombers into Israel, the IDF would take out four or five high level Hamas leaders and guess what? No more suicide bombers. Let the U.S. and Nato bomb the crap out of some strongholds, scorch some poppy fields and watch these bus bombings fall off completely. The Taliban need a reminder of the damage that was done to them originally – when they went from sucking on dates in palaces in Kabul to fighting over grub worms in a cave in NW Pakistan.

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