Moonbat Delusions

radarsat-2.jpgAt Space Review James Oberg provides some Canadian Moonbat fiskage, and Taylor Dinerman details Biden’s debate blooper on Iran. It turns out there isn’t a way to stop a missle on the pad if you don’t know about it and can’t find it.

There’s also a link to an Islamist forum in the Oberg article where they are worried about “Rods From God“, which aren’t near reality yet and don’t appear to be in the near future.

There is intense interest in the technology from the tyrants of the world since it would provide capabilities to hit hardened targets in-depth without resorting to nuclear weapons. Indeed with hundreds of successive hits you could turn Natanz into a new volcano if you wished and alas, if only the capability were real.  Since it’s mentioned here however I will get hits from Tehran, Beijing, and North Korea even though my blog is blocked to the general public in those countries.