Little Green Footballs is Back

UPDATE: Little Green Footballs is Back UP

Charles had some MDB2 errors earlier, and it looks like the he’s having a hard time rounding up the hamsters now. The usual Saturday night crowd is over at the fallback spot, here.

UPDATE: Charles posted this on his splash page overnight: Status: We’ve had a hard drive failure in our database server; it will need to be replaced.
Entropy at work. No ETA on the new hard drive yet, but we’ll update here as soon as we know more

dead-hamster-copy.jpgOne of the hamsters died of age and overwork, does this mean PETA will be after Charles as well?

Update II: Charles stopped by Fallback LGF to post this comment:

Charles drops in to say:

“Not to worry — I do have backups.

We may lose a couple of days worth of comments and posts, but I have about 3.6 million comments and 25,000+ entries backed up.

And we’re also doing a file copy of the bad hard drive before replacing it. Hopefully we won’t lose anything, but it’s too early to tell.”

UPDATE III 11:20 Pm central:

From Charles at Fallback LGF: 

Update on the LGF hard drive: the server’s being worked on now. We were able to make backups of the mysql directories, and the web directory, so that may help us get back online quicker.


From Charles at the fallback site —

Update time: The new drive is being provisioned and the backups restored. And then, while I’m at it, I’m considering setting up replication to our third machine before going back online. No way to say how long the whole process will take.


From Charles at the Fallback Site —

Update: The new drive is installed, along with 2 more gig of RAM. Accounts being worked on.


from LGF’s outage splash-page –

Update: still working at it; thanks for your patience


On Charles’ outage splash page near 11:00 am central —

Update: stay tuned. The database is restored and we’re running final checks…

 Tribute to Nipper below

hamsters-to-orion-copy.jpgAfter years of faithful service to the Lizard Legions, Nipper is sent to final rest among the stars of interstellar space, seen here as he heads towards Orion. Several touching eulogies were read by mourning Lizards as Nipper was sent to the depths of space from the secret railgun hidden beneath the Astrodome. (Who Knew?)