Al Qaeda Declares Jihad Against India

al-qaida-schism.jpgThe mad fourth-tier “leadership” of Al Qaeda is trying a new tactic since none but the mentally deficient will follow them now. They have declared holy war against India because Pakistanis have become wiser about their false jihads. The Pashtun know that if they go to war in Afghanistan that they will not only lose, but that they will be fighting fellow Muslims and helping destroy the future of an Islamic state.

So in desperation Al Qaeda is looking for new recruits by declaring war against an old foe of Pakistan’s, India. They will try to re-ignite the war between the two states just as peace is finally being arrived at. This is almost as foolish as them declaring Jihad against Turkey last month, it carries no weight, but is all demon-driven bluster — not the call of the muezin, but the call of the Daijal.

UPDATE: More at JammieWearingFool’s.

CD’s were distributed at a mosque during Friday prayers (isn’t that a shame? — they use mosques to spread the word of the Djinn,) calling for Jihad against India by one of the reputed new leaders of Al Qaeda in Pakistan, Abu Abdul Rehman Ansari. So now we have three newly professed leaders of the Jihad — Baby Dadullah, Abu Abdul Rehman Ansari, and the other fellow… what was his name? Ah yes… Mustafa Abu Al-Yazid aka “Sa’id”. So who leads Al Qaeda and the Taliban now? It seems like everyone is trying to, which tells me there is no real leadership.

From IBN:

New Delhi: During Friday prayers about 30 CDs were thrown in a mosque in Srinagar and news agencies in the Jammu and Kashmir capital also received CDs and a statement allegedly from the al-Qaeda saying that it is declaring war on India.
The CD shows a man called Abu Abdul Rehman Ansari, who claims to be a top al-Qaeda leader. In the CD, Ansari announces that the terrorist organisation is launching a jehad (holy war) against India. The statement is both in Arabic and Urdu.
Reacting to the CDs, the Union Home Ministry said that there is no need to panic and they are conducting necessary inquiries.
“This has come to our notice and we are conducting the necessary inquiries. We view such activities and threats as a desperate effort by terrorists and anti-national elements to try and create problems in the country and scare among the people.

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