Pakistan Update: At a Crossroads

The investigation continues into the nursing hostel and five Christians accused by the radical madrassa, Jamia Hafsa/Lal Masjid, allegedly of defacing a Quranic verse on a water cooler.

horizon.jpgThere’s a lot of politicking going on in Pakistan now, all parties are pitching invective back and forth, and many are criticizing the stifling of television and cable debates in which the Lawyers are critical of the army. That’s something you don’t do in Pakistan.

Meantime the papers still carry it all, and Reporters Without Borders has jumped in to criticize Musharaaf for muzzling the press.

al-qaida-schism.jpgIt’s a time of concern across the nation, from the moderates to the hard-core evil Taliban in the frontiers, none know what will come next. They are at a cross-roads at which they can choose to follow the demon-driven Jihadis who kill more muslims than have died since the Iran-Iraq war, or they can choose a new path. I think in the end Pakistan will decide that they don’t want to be like Palestine, living in death, despair and depravity by following the daijal of false Jihad.

The investigation continues into the nursing hostel and five Christians accused by the radical madrassa, Jamia Hafsa/Lal Masjid, allegedly of defacing a Quranic verse on a water cooler. As my post from yesterday states, this is serious if proven true.

Mullah Maulana Ghazi’s crow-harem came out into the streets by the thousands today to demonstrate and call for immediate action against the Christians.  There isn’t news on the investigation, but some is expected Tuesday, which will be late Monday evening in the US. Story from the Pakistan Daily Times:

ISLAMABAD: Thousands of burqa-clad students of Jamia Hafsa on Sunday staged a demonstration in front of Lal Masjid demanding that the government punish Christian students of the College of Nursing, Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences, for alleged desecration of the holy Quran. Addressing the protesters, Hamna Abdullah, the head of the students action committee of Jamia Hafsa, said that the government was not following the teachings of Islam and was promoting “obscenity” in the name of “enlightened moderation”. She accused the government of breaking its promise of reconstructing seven mosques in the capital that were demolished because they were built illegally on state land. Ansa Bint-e-Abdullah said that they were ready to give their lives for the enforcement of Sharia in Pakistan.

Yes, yes. Suicide bombing again. It probably seems very dramatic to the young brainwashed idiots, but they never think beyond the action. They never think of the members of the ummah murdered and the families shattered for no good reason other than ignorant mullahs. Here is the story from Daily Times on the investigation:

The incident came to light on Friday when dozens of female students of the Jamia Hafsa madrassa stormed the nursing hostel saying they had received complaints from Muslim students. “We are holding an inquiry into the incident,” deputy administrator of the Pakistan Institute of Medical Sciences (PIMS) Raja Amjad Mehmood told AFP.

He said three to four people including the acting principal and students had been suspended until the inquiry was completed. “The complaints came from students that unknown people had scribbled lines over the verses of the holy Quran which were pasted on a wall in their hostel,” Mehmood said. “We have also informed the police about the incident,” he said and added that the inquiry was expected to be completed by Tuesday. He said the school, which has more than 200 students, was closed on Saturday on account of the summer vacation, but madrassa students alleged it had been shut down to defuse the situation. 

Jamia Hafsa has also drafted a letter to the revered Imam e-Kaaba who is touring and speaking in Pakistan right now. Previously the Imam spoke out indirectly against the extremist Taliban madrassa, and about individuals mis-interpreting sharia and taking enforcement of it upon themselves, so they have sent a dramatic challenge back. If you read the questions however you can clearly see that they have abandoned all pretext of making it about religious questioning, but instead that the bulk of the questions are highly political and designed to create unrest. From Daily Times as well:

ISLAMABAD: Students of Jamia Hafsa on Sunday wrote a letter to Imam-e-Kaaba Shaikh Abdur Rehman Al-Sudais seeking his decree on 25 issues including military action against Islamists in Wana and Waziristan.

According to the letter, the students sought his observations on various issues including Sharia enforcement in the country and the government’s violation of the Council of Islamic Ideology’s advice on interest free banking.

Other news:

Imam Hafiz Muhammad Hamid, brother of Hafiz Saeed of Lashkar-e-Taiba, was deported along with his family from the United States on Sunday.

The western embassys in Pakistan have been warned of potential attacks once more.

Unrest in Balochistan  is growing, with a son of Nawab Bugti stirring new revolt. A Bugti terrorist was found with large amounts of explosives today.