The Tale of an Iraqi Hero

Musahem Al Jabouri, a police officer only four months on the job thwarted the attack of an Al Qaeda truck bomber, intent on breaking terrorists out of a jail. He ran out from the compound as the truck approach and shot the driver but died in the explosion. His brother received an award commemorating his valor from the US Forces, as Iraq does not have medals yet. Video from CNN below, but first this quote from Al Jabouri’s surviving brother, Bassim Al Jabouri:

I think my brother is a martyr, but the insurgents are not martyrs. They will go to hell. They are evil in this world.

This is so true — Al Qaeda and the Taliban have murdered more muslims than the American forces, and they continually destroy lives, mutilate men, women, and children, and try by every means to crush the future and the dreams of the Iraqi people.

Video below the fold