Sunday Morning Terror Roundup

samarra-mosque.jpgThis weekend has been a tour d’ force in combatting terror on several fronts, I’ll recap the major events below. First for all of the people involved in these captures and kills: you are doing a fantastically good job, we love you for it, please keep up the great work!

In Iraq US forces have killed the Al Qaeda mastermind who planned the attack on the Samarra Mosque, from Reuters:

The U.S. military said Haitham al-Badri, the al Qaeda leader in Salahuddin province, was killed by U.S. forces on August 2.

They said he was responsible for the bombing of the Golden Mosque on June 13 this year that destroyed its minarets and sparked a series of revenge attacks on Sunni mosques.

“During an operation August 2 east of Samarra, Coalition Forces killed … Haitham al-Badri, the al-Qaeda in Iraq emir of Salahuddin province. He is also the terrorist mastermind responsible for the Golden Mosque bombing in Samarra on June 13,” the U.S. military said in a statement.

Bill Roggio has full reportage and more detail at The Fourth Rail.

truck car was stopped with explosives tonight in South Carolina. Something to think on: the truck car came from Florida, was stopped in South Carolina, which is enroute to Washington DC. Maybe a stretch, but remember that the media outlet for Al Qaeda put up a banner promising a “Big Surprise” with a picture of Bush, Musharraf, and the White house burning recently.

UPI report:

A South Carolina highway was closed for hours Saturday night while authorities used a bomb squad robot to search a car.

Although U.S. Highway 176 in Goose Creek near Charleston, S.C., was closed for more than four hours, the FBI said there was no immediate threat, The (Charleston) Post and Courier reported. More than a dozen police cars, fire trucks and an ambulance surrounded the gray sedan being searched, the newspaper said.

An FBI spokeswoman said the federal agency was trying to determine if a crime had been committed. One witness told the newspaper the incident appeared to have started about 7 p.m. when police making a routine traffic stop and were talking with one man who might have been of Middle Eastern descent. The road was still blocked by authorities after 11 p.m.

UPDATE: Another story on the explosives, it appears there was a tip from “another jurisdiction”, even though the stop was made for speeding.

Lombardo also said information from an investigation in another jurisdiction raised the suspicions of the deputies.

UPDATE: From ABC 4 news:

Two men are being held in the Berkeley County Detention Center after police find explosive making devices in their car.  The men 21-year-old Yousef Megahed and 24-year-old Ahmed Mohamed were pulled over Saturday evening during a routine traffic stop near Myers Road and Highway 176.  Among the explosive devices found were igniters and fusers.  Few details about the suspects are known at this time.  They are believed to be students at a Florida college.  They are of Middle Eastern descent and are not US citizens.  Neither man has been charged, but charges are expected Monday.

A Jamaah Islameyah terror facilitator was arrested in Sunnyvale this weekend, . Jamaah Islamayah is the group responsible for bombing Churches in Indonesia on Christmas Eve 2000, and for the Bali Night Club bombing, they are allied with MILF and Al Qaeda.

Your Black Muslim Bakery was busted Friday after a Bay-Area journalist was murdered by them while doing an investigation of their finances, one of the members has confessed.

We also might have killed the current leader of the Taliban in Southern Afghanistan, Mansour Dadullah in a precision bombing raid of a Taliban lynching. Mansour was in the recent “terror graduate” video released by the Taliban.

In Algeria the past two weeks there’s been a medium scale war going on against GSPC, an Al Qaeda aligned terror group. This really started off on a small scale when several GSPC members became “Repenitant” — leading the government to several camps, and turning in several terrorists. (previous post here.) Today at Echorouk Online there are  stories with terribly twisted syntax and construction that are worth reading here, here, and here. It also seems that they arrested Robert DiNiro for drugs…(no.. not THE Robert DiNiro. 🙂

3 thoughts on “Sunday Morning Terror Roundup”

  1. Absolutely TONS of good news here! Thanks for tieing it all together Thanos. To think we may have ended another Dadullah life would be cause for celebration alone but to get the ringleader of the Golden Mosque bombing the next day – I’m busting here!

    According to everything I am reading out of Iraq, Al Qaeda and the Mahdi Army are getting picked off (either killed or captured) right and left! It reminds me of the success that U.S. and NATO forces were having this spring against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

    I hate to be overconfident, but it’s my estimation that al-Zawahiri and what’s left of his Al Qaeda gang in Pakistan just might have everything riding on the Pakistan offensive. I hope the Musharaff is ready to call in every form of support into that battle – from the U.S., from NATO and from all corners of the World.

  2. Yep, it’s been a great weekend so far, and it’s not over. I added a Link to Bill’s site, he’s got a full report on the Samarra mosque up.

  3. I was looking over some of the text from the hour-plus long video from Al Qaeda wannabe Adam Gaddahn and saw this:

    “Therefore, we shall continue to target you, at home and abroad, just as you target us, at home and abroad, and these spy dens, and military command and control centers, from which you plotted your aggression against Afghanistan, and Iraq, and which still provide vital moral, military, material, and logistical support to the Crusade, shall continue to be legitimate targets for brave, Muslims, like our martyred brother Umar Uthman, until and unless you heed our demands. Stop the Crusade and leave the Muslims alone.”

    The key piece there is this:

    “Stop the Crusade and leave the Muslims alone.”

    So that is the demand now? Leave us alone? Hmmm….feeling a little pressure there Adam? Did your little bratty mouth dry up a little when you stated that demand?

    What happened to “Submit now to Allah” ??!! What happened to “agree to our demands and we won’t crush you” ??!!

    Now, it’s “leave the Muslims alone.” ! hahahaha Breathing down your neck, Adam. Take another good long look at the stiff cold body of Daddullah laying on that slab in Afghanistan, Adam….picture yourself in that prone position, dude. But since you have brought embarrassment onto the American People by your allegiance to this band of heathens, we will be sure to shove an apple into your mouth when you are stretched out on that rock slab.

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