Rudy Takes on a Hard-Hitting Journalist

Finally, a candidate who can fully answer hard-hitting detailed questions from reporters in a firm, concise, and polite manner. There simply wasn’t a follow-up after this quashing of the notion that Rudy didn’t deserve credit for the tax cuts he fought for in New York as Mayor. See below.

2 Replies to “Rudy Takes on a Hard-Hitting Journalist”

  1. Yet all I see in the right blogosphere this morning is a video of Romney talking tough to some radio host in Iowa. Giuliani talks like this all the time but Romney talks tough once (about absolute nonsense) and he’s the second coming of Reagan.

    Give me Rudy any day of the week.

  2. You can count on the press to over-report on any candidate who is close to Rudy, remember their bread and butter is in touting the horse race, not the candidates. Rudy does more in fifty seconds than most candidates can do in a half hour speech.

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