Black Muslims Adopt Taliban Tactics in Oakland

your-black-muslim-bakery.jpgThe Taliban is known for destroying shops that sell goods “forbidden” under their version of Sharia in both Pakistan and Afghanistan, and they are known for targeted assassinations against opposition leaders. In Oakland California, both tactics appear to have been used against the community this week.

Police have raided Your Black Muslim Bakery and seized multiple weapons after a prominent bay-area black journalist was slain. This comes after a year-long investigation for crimes including murder, robbery, and kidnapping.

UPDATE: Black Muslim Bakery and Yusef Bey are NOT part of Nation of Islam as a commenter pointed out. Indeed, during the violence against merchants in the area Nation of Islam members passed out flyers condemning violence against the store owners.

I stand duly corrected, and have fixed the title of this story, thanks.


Note to investigators: The Journalist killed by them did a few stories on them — it was only when he started investigating their financing that they killed him. Perhaps you should follow the money too?


The late Yusuf Bey founded Your Black Muslim Bakery in 1968 as a haven for struggling families. It sells natural baked goods alongside books by Malcolm X and other black leaders
Bey’s reputation took a hit when he was charged with rape. Most of those charges were dropped, and one was pending when he died in 2003.

More recently, police said Bey’s son and other men had smashed liquor bottles in corner stores and berated the Muslim owners for selling alcohol to the black community.
Bailey covered the rape allegations and the vandalism, which led to charges against Bey’s son and the other men.

The Taliban and most Islamist terror groups have much commonality with street-gangs, it’s not unusual for them to protection racketeer in their areas, and bullying of shopkeepers who don’t fit their standards for sharia is standard fare as they drive anyone non-conforming from the neighborhood, often one shop at a time.

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UPDATE: more information here, again H/T Ginn

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5 thoughts on “Black Muslims Adopt Taliban Tactics in Oakland”

  1. It’s pretty easy to see the signs of Islamism — under the guise of community morals they strong arm neighborhoods — initially they are often welcomed. That welcome wears out over time.

  2. I guess you’re going to be surprised to learn that the “Black Muslim Bakery” group in Oakland CA are NOT in fact Muslims (at least not in the commonly understood meaning of that term). They are not even Black Muslims (Farakhan’s Nation of Islam sort). They are a small sect founded several years ago and sometimes linked to “mainstream” Black Muslims but in fact often their bitter enemies. They have nothing whatsoever in common with the world’s one billion Sunni and Shia Muslims.

    By the way hamburger does not contain any ham and driveways are in fact places to park, not drive, cars. Oh yes, you know those funny red hats with tassels that Shriners wear in parades and the scimitars and crescents on their regalia? Well they’re not real Muslims either.

  3. I get the difference, now, thanks for the correction – coulda done without the sarcasm, but it’s deserved since I did not research well enough. Comment appreciated.

    The one exception I will take: they do have things in common with the Sunni and Shia around the world, the first is faith, the second is that a minority is making the rest look terrible.

    Now are you saying that Shriners are Takfir?

  4. Qalam96,

    While clarifications are always welcome, I wondered about the biting sarcasm you felt necessary in your comments. So tell me, the comments you made as WSIbrusselsblog on 6/20…were you being sarcastic then, or not?

    You remember, you stated:

    ” It would appear that the general population of Americans is MUCH MORE prone to violence than the country’s Muslim population. “

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