Beauchampian Prose

nosferatu.pngThe journalistic landscape is littered with the corpses of failed journalists, staked through their black hearts by reality. They seek an eternal life of Pulitzer fame by betraying truth; but then one day truth dawns phoenix-bright and burns them to an ashen husk.

To win a Pulitzer you must venture into the realm of “literary reporting” where framing and gritty angle are more important than objective reality — you must sell out truth and fully prostrate yourself at the altar of nihilism as the entry-tithe to the kingdom.

Update: Beauchamp fully recants.

In this chiarascuro world there aren’t any heroes, there are only victims, and the American Dream is a surrealistic nightmare that seeks to subjugate x, y, or z. If you are going to win against perceived evil, then you must become evil in their books. It starts with the jaded cynicism all junior journalists affect, and eventually graduates to full-blown Ratherian Reality™, where truth is twisted or manufactured to serve your purpose. The world is real however, it’s not a Canon commercial where “perception is reality” as much as the left would like it to be so. In the end reality overcomes all.

The ultimate purpose might be to affect an election, or to demoralize America in the war against the most urgent evil of our times. In this case though let’s not be so cynical; chalk this one up to a seller’s market for war-gloom at The New Republic.

Once you accept the eucharist of falsehood at the altar of nihilism — Bush bad, all war bad, Republicans bad, America bad, or whichever poison you imbibe, then how you further your goal doesn’t matter and truth can be damned — you’re damned or doomed after all, so why not truth too?

Now one more psychic vampire has withered in the harsh dawn of truth, as Scott Beauchamp’s hitpieces on our military at The New Republic (TNR,) are exposed. The only surprising thing is that Scott Beauchamp didn’t win his pulitzer before reality staked his heart, which speaks well of new media and the speed of fact-finding created by the blogosphere.

Scott has now fallen, but the moonbats on the left will try to resurect this fallen demigod into the liberal mythos pantheon; it’s not the facts that matter after all, it’s the seriousness of the charge. He will be placed with the fallen stars in their zodiac, somewhere near Jayson BlairJohn F. Burns and Newsday’s Roy Gutman, and Janet Cooke; after all he doesn’t rate Ratherhood.