Iman Ali’s Home Raided in Murder Investigation

iman-ali.jpgThis is as predictable as the sunrise. The Movie, Khuda Kay Liye has taken Pakistan like wildfire and paints the lives of different Pakistanis post-9/11. Iman Ali stars in the movie, and extremists don’t like it. The movie is so popular they cannot attack it without gaining ire, so instead they go after the most vulnerable — the actress. (See this previous post about why movies about Pakistan usually use Bollywood actress’ instead of Pakistanis.)

This trumped-up charge and raid are just another example :

A Defence Police team on late Thursday night raided the residence of model/actress Iman Ali on the basis of a murder that took place in 2001, which she denied any link to. At the time of the raid, she was not home.

Inspector Nasir Mushtaq told Daily Times that a murder case was registered against Iman on the complaint of Abid Arshad Khan on August 20, 2001. He said he was new at the station and was going through a list of proclaimed offenders (PO) when he came across Iman’s name and address.

He said he decided to act on the list and also ordered his team to collect all facts of the case including previous investigations, statements and evidence after which he would forward it to his seniors. However, he said a copy of the FIR was not immediately available.

UPDATE: Phil at Metroblogging still has not seen it because extremists burnt the movie theaters in Islamabad, Pakistan’s Capital City.