Let’s Play “Where are the Jobs!”

Let’s Play “Where are the Jobs!”

A new NRCC targeted ad, simple but effective:

With the rate jump to 9.8 percent today it’s no wonder that the Dems consider this “sobering”.

Turn and Face Those Strange Changes…

The real change you can believe in ….

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Who Owns the Democrats and the Superdelegates?

Whoever does own the delegates, the Denver Police department doesn’t want us to know. According to ABC news their reporter was arrested covering one of the many high dollar meetings in Denver this week at the Brown Palace Hotel. He was arrested trying to film the donors while they were leaving. Story here.

Here again is the ad:

More on Ayers and the Annenberg project at Lawhawk’s.

Say What Barack?

This is hilarious.

[editor: Well it was hilarious, but now they’ve pulled the air gauge vid. Here’s the latest McCain ad as a poor substitute.]

Kerry is Clueless

Apparently willing and able to talk about an ad he hasn’t even seen. John F’in Kerry – Reporting for duty!


Just in case you are not getting this, the original “Celeb” ad is here. You can see that the narrator not only says Obama’s not ready to lead and says no to offshore drilling, but that it’s also in bold text across the screen. John F’in Kerry, clueless again.

The One

And since we are making fun of Obama, you might as well go here.