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  • The Case for Marriage Equality: Perry v. Schwarzenegger

    The 1967 Supreme Court case Loving v. Virginia ended state bans on interracial marriage in the 16 states that still had such laws. Now, 44 years after Loving, the courts are once again grappling with denial of equal marriage rights — this time to gay couples. Two California couples have filed suit against Proposition 8,…

  • I’m not JD Hayworth and I did not approve this ad…

    This is too freaking hilarious not to post… H/Tip Avanti at LGF

  • Why I’m Seriously Considering Registering as Democrat

    I can’t believe this sad sickness displacing reason within the Republican party. I will never get in bed with Birchers, ever. Anyone Speaking at this convention will receive zero dollars from me, and zero support. In fact, anyone speaking is going to be constantly slammed by me as someone who spoke at a Bircher convention.

  • Why I Would Never Run for Office in Kansas

    Why I Would Never Run for Office in Kansas I’ve pondered if I should run for office; this because I am a life-long Republican in a red state with strong political opinions and in favor of reasoned action when it comes to politics. I speak well, debate well, and have convincing authoritative voice, and I…

  • 60

    60 The NRSC has launched a new Youtube ad, 60, which highlights the power the Democrats control now and how the Republican hopes of the balance voters effects coming into heavy play in the 2010 elections. With Campaign kitties low and donations to the actual party thin, expect the Republicans to focus mostly on the…

  • Government Motors

    Government Motors GM? Today they get their final lifeline… 30 billion more in Taxpayer dollars, but still bankrupt: But the officials said Sunday they would try to steer clear of getting involved in the automaker’s day-to-day operations, though the government will maintain the right to set upfront conditions for providing assistance in “exceptional cases.” The…

  • Pelosi Prevaricates

    Pelosi Prevaricates Forty briefings: those squawking the loudest about enhanced interrogation techniques knew about it. If President Bush is a war criminal for this then so is Speaker Pelosi. See the video below where the  hypocrisy abounds:

  • Republicans Need New Strategy II: The Shores of Desolation

    Our tide has receded and we stand amidst wrack and drying foam upon a desolate shore. What’s next for us? Will we starve and shrink, or can we somehow pull that tide back?

  • Tigerhawk and Trailmix: Hawking Obama Up

    In light of the need to “hawk” Obama up, this does present some more opportunity for Obama to appear strong without large geopolitical ramifications.

  • Bush Deficit vs Obama Deficit

    Bush Deficit vs Obama Deficit Washington Post has a graphic deficit comparison of the two budgets, and Heritage Foundation highlights some of the differences. More on this from Karl Rove at the Wall Street Journal: Last fiscal year, the deficit was $459 billion. For this fiscal year, it was $569 billion when Mr. Obama took…