Al Tunisi Dead

Al Tunisi, one of the big fish still in Iraq is now dead, with this AQ in Iraq is in dire strait and pretty much leaderless for the moment. Below BG Joseph Anderson gives the run down of Al Tunisi’s import, and the lead up to his demolition. The video shows the airstrike, and General Anderson also details the others caught or killed in the operation.

A letter found with Al Tunisi basically stated that he was surrounded, alone, and desperate for help. Sounds like all remaining AQ personell in Iraq.

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  1. Great News! It isn’t exactly a mob scene of Al Qaeda members falling over one another to take a leadership role in that organization, eh?!

    After watching that strike on the house, I’d have to say that we used sufficient munitions in that strike! hahaha

    Thanos – not an earthshattering piece here but one I found pretty interesting to read:

    Ghurka Batallion in Afghanistan

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