Globular Cluster?

globular-clusternot.jpgOr not? For the answer please see the new improved Little Green Footballs Dictionary aka LGF Dictionary. (This is obviously a fake photo…)

Al Qaeda Update

zawahiri-dajjal.jpgThe mainstream press is beginning to figure out that Al Zawahiri is running Al Qaeda. Several articles are out this morn with leads of “Osama Sidelined“. That’s been the case for a long time as was┬ánoted here last year when Zawahiri announced the formation of the new Shura council.

The articles state that┬ázero high-value AQ targets have been captured in the past year, which isn’t quite true as several captures and kills of upper level operatives have occurred. Notably this capture of the AQ leader in Iraq responsible for the death of the Sheikh Abu Reesha who led the Anbar Awakening purge of Al Qaeda.

Afghan Army commandos have been doing a fine job as well, recently capturing an AQ operative who had contact with Azzam the American (Adam Gadahn,) and who was responsible for leading fighters and groups between fronts in Afghanistan and Iraq by crossing through Iran. He’s been transported to Guantanamo.

Al Qaeda’s promised Ramadan offensive has begun in Iraq, with three separate bombings, killing 17 – 27 depending on whose report you go with. For now I will stick with AFP’s 17 since they tend to vette stringer reports from the fronts better than the UK papers and News agencies. Continue reading “Al Qaeda Update”