Land of Confusion

Today we watched our Miltary torn down and attacked by our politicians, the foreign government we are trying to aid undermined by pundits, and the sure signs of victory spit upon over politics. It must make the entire world think us mad and that we truly are the land of confusion.

Six years ago tomorrow the worst terrorist attack in our history will be remembered – our flags will fly at half mast, and memorials will take place. WE will all remember.

So here’s a word to our foes: We might seem a noisy land of confusion, but beyond the hype and the glare of the media and the political poseurs lies the firm, resolute core of America. We are not confused and we know the enemy – we will not stop, we will not fail, and we will never forget nor forgive that day six years agone tomorrow.

Nawaz Arrested and Deported

Nawaz Sharif was arrested almost as soon as he landed on corruption charges from a sugar mill he used to money-launder while he was prime-minister. He’s once again in Saudi Arabia, running a campaign from afar. Story at UK Telegraph:

Nawaz Sharif, the former prime minister of Pakistan, has been deported to Saudi Arabia within hours of his much-anticipated return from exile.
He was arrested in relation to corruption charges on his arrival at Islamabad airport.
Four hours later he was put on a plane to Saudi Arabia, where he has spent most of the eight years since being deposed.
Mr Sharif arrived in the country vowing to topple the regime of President Pervez Musharraf. At least 2,000 of his supporters were arrested in advance of his return.
Armed police entered the Pakistan International Airlines jet on which he arrived from London after Mr Sharif refused to hand over his passport to officials on the plane.

While the western press and many in Pakistan are painting this as a blow against Democracy; I’m not so sure. Continue reading “Nawaz Arrested and Deported”