In Memory of Nadia Anjuman

In Memory of Nadia Anjuman


Escape (Gul-e Dudi)

Our hearts are tired of pain and poverty

Finally we became lost in the dust and darkness

We are going now and won’t return a second time

It is such a pleasure to escape from these absurdities

We were birds of the garden, in the world’s trap

We were caught without reason and are stuck in this filth

 Everyone hurts our short wings with arrows

Next time we won’t have to bear these tortures

We don’t seek to make any effort

Our hearts are tired of pain and poverty


In the CNN special on Afghanistan titled “Behind the Veil”, one segment told the story of a woman poet who was beaten to death by her husband. [He states that she committed suicide, but in my opinion the man is both beast and liar.] You can now read Nadia’s poetry online here. H/T

Al Tunisi Dead

Al Tunisi, one of the big fish still in Iraq is now dead, with this AQ in Iraq is in dire strait and pretty much leaderless for the moment. Below BG Joseph Anderson gives the run down of Al Tunisi’s import, and the lead up to his demolition. The video shows the airstrike, and General Anderson also details the others caught or killed in the operation.

A letter found with Al Tunisi basically stated that he was surrounded, alone, and desperate for help. Sounds like all remaining AQ personell in Iraq.

Pakistan Supreme Court Dismisses Challenges to Musharraf’s Bid

musharraf-pervez.jpgThe Pakistan Supreme court dismissed the challenges to President Pervez Musharraf running for president again while still in uniform, and yesterday he filed for the election coming October 6. When the ruling was read, opposition lawyers howled and chanted “Go Musharraf, Go!” the rallying cry for the oppostion parties and alliances in Pakistan.

Some opposition parties resigned in protest, however his bloc of votes is likely still large enough to gain him re-election. He has made the promise to remove his uniform and hand the military over to his hand-picked appointees post-election if he wins. Alternately, if the assembly fails to elect him he has said he will return to his position as head of the army.

Several opposition candidates have also filed a bid for president, including a retired lawyer from the Lawyer’s bloc who created large-scale protests across Pakistan that led to the eventual freeing of Chaudry Iftikhar, Chief Justice of the Supreme Court of Pakistan.

Waiting in the wings behind this are the general elections, which are likely to create a new prime minister. Benazir Bhutto has also booked her return ticket, and should be returning October 18th.