Gathering of Eagles Update

img_1660.jpgGathering of Eagles has more pics up, including some crazy code pinkos, the usual Bush=Hitler signs, calls for impeachment, and some pan shots that show you how thin the leftist demonstration really was. Let’s face it, if you can’t get a 10:1 ratio of socialists to conservatives at a demonstration then you are in a lost cause because Conservatives typically don’t come out to demonstrate.

Turkish Editors Call for As Sahab Retraction

zawahiri-dajjal.jpgkemal-ataturk.jpgThe Turkish Daily news goes to great pains to say that the latest Al Qaeda tape does not really reference Ankara, but a Syrian city instead.

While they might console some of their readers, they have quickly forgotten that Al Zawahiri declared Al Qaeda Jihad against Turkey in May. Let us hope it’s just Turkey’s reporters who are delusional, and not the followers of Kemal.

Afghan Commando Raid Nets Taliban Drug Runner and IED Maker

From Defenselink, Yesterday in Afghanistan:

A new battalion of Afghan National Army commandos today completed it first operation, capturing a well-known Taliban facilitator and two suspected Taliban extremists.

Working with a contingent of Afghan national police advised by coalition forces, the commandos led a two-day mission 30 miles southwest of Jalalabad in the Sherzad district of Nangahar province. During the mission, the commandos captured and detained Haji Shir Khan, a known improvised explosive device maker, who is responsible for numerous IED attacks on Afghan and coalition forces in the province.

The assault force also found two weapons caches that contained 18 rocket-propelled-grenade rounds, an anti-tank mine, 10 hand grenades, a 12-gauge shotgun, eight fully-loaded AK-47 magazines, and more than 80 kilograms of opium.

“The commandos represent a bright future for the Afghan national security forces, and it’s no surprise after all of their training that they were successful in today’s mission,” said Army Maj. Chris Belcher, a Combined Joint Task Force 82 spokesman. “Operations such as this one demonstrate that the (Afghan National Police), and now the commandos, are authority figures to the residents of Nangahar and can rapidly conduct synchronized missions against the enemies of peace and stability.“

In separate actions today:

— In Ghazni province, Afghan and coalition forces killed several suspected militants and detained another.

— Several suspected militants were killed and two others were detained during an operation in Helmand province. The detainees include a suspected militant who was wounded during the course of operations and evacuated for further medical attention. Soldiers found opium, several AK-47s, numerous full ammunition vests, a machine gun and several rocket-propelled grenades during the operation.

The Taliban are mufsidunn, running drugs and killing children who try to attend school — anyone who calls them “holy warriors” is an idiot.

Megahed Granted Bail, Government Appeals

One of the USF Muslim students arrested in South Carolina on explosives charges has been granted bail and the government is appealing. CAIR (The Council of American Islamic Relations, Unindicted co-conspirators in the Holy Land Foundation Terror Funding trial,) is effectively saying Mohamed was bad, but Megahed is a nice boy with a clean record, he just happened to be in the car…. Continue reading “Megahed Granted Bail, Government Appeals”

Hsugate and The New “Hsu” School

The latest in the saga of Norman Hsu, Democrat rain-maker and “Hillraiser” bundler for Hillary Clinton involves Bob Kerrey’s New School. Hsu’s bail has been set at 5 million dollars, but from past events he just might have that stashed in an account here or there, and everyone is beginning to look at Norman’s backtrail. I would wager some are waiting for the next Hsu to fall… (ok sorry, I could not resist.)

Hsu was on the board of trustees of The New School, where he worked with past Clinton scandal figure Bernard L. Schwartz.  Continue reading “Hsugate and The New “Hsu” School”

President Bush Answers a Key Question From Bill Roggio

President Bush met with Milbloggers in a conference yesterday to congratulate them on the job they are doing reporting the war, as well as to answer some questions. Please stop by The Long War Journal to read about the Milblogger meeting with President Bush; in it Bill Roggio asks the key question in the ongoing conflicts in Iraq and Afghanistan.

Contrast the answer with this editorial from Pakistan regarding the inside attack on the SSG elite messhall in Pakistan.

According to reports the Pakistan army has killed nearly a hundred Taliban in two consecutive days on the Pak-Afghan border in North Waziristan after failing to get its 260 troops released in South Waziristan from the Taliban-Al Qaeda warlord, Baitullah Mehsud. Pakistan has deployed 90,000 troops in the area, but denies the Taliban’s claim that the army lost a hundred Pakistani troops in the same battle. Now the army can no longer deny that Al Qaeda has struck at a key centre of the Pakistan Army Special Services Group (SSG) at Tarbela-Ghazi, Haripur, NWFP, and killed 20 commandos.

It is not known definitely how the attack was mounted but suspicions are that a suicide-bomber did an “inside job” and killed his fellow-soldiers. The report which says a suicide-bomber drove a truck into the mess where the commandos were busy eating is non-sensical. Since the commandos were also involved in the operations carried out against the rebellious clerics of Lal Masjid earlier in the year, and one SSG company known as Karrar Company was involved in the operation, there is speculation that the attack could be a part of the ongoing campaign mounted by Al Qaeda to avenge the destruction of its headquarters in Islamabad.