The Long War Journal

Bill Roggio has redesigned and redefined reporting on the long war we are in against terrorism. Right now it’s defined by the fronts we find our troops on, in Afghanistan and Iraq, however it’s truly worldwide and it’s being fought on many levels.

Here’s a sample of the Afghanistan section, please stop by and take a read, significant headway has been made this week with leaders captured, Taliban heroin labs closed, and many Taliban sent to graves.

The major levels the war is fought on are political, financial, cultural, and kinetic. The first three of these fronts cross into our lives daily — with efforts on the web by Islamist agit-propaganda groups being fought by journalists who portray truth and who present facts.

The political front is fought by Islamist political groups like the hundreds of thousands of Hizb-ut-Tahrir followers who met in London and Indonesia last week. The financial is represented by the pirates stopped off the horn of Africa by our Navy, and the trial of false charities that funnel money to terrorist groups, like the Holy Land Foundation trial underway, as well as the Taliban Heroin labs shut down by our troops in Afghanistan.

The front where we are best under control is the kinetic — our troops have fought finer than any military organization in all of history and they have accomplished more in shorter time frame than all others. They can’t win permanently if we lose the other fronts, so it’s important to step up our efforts across the board on those fronts — our military deserves that support.

Al Qaeda Bomb Plot Foiled in Denmark

0409-soir-denmark.jpgAuthorities in Denmark have arrested several Islamist radicals with direct links to the Al Qaeda leadership. They were monitoring the suspects quite a while but arrested them when they started working with volatile explosives in a residential neighborhood. Continue reading “Al Qaeda Bomb Plot Foiled in Denmark”

Pakistan Knuckles Under to Baitullah Taliban Demands

The Pakistan government release 100 tribesmen and reopened the road to Wana today, acceding to Baitullah Mehsud’s demands while he holds 200 or more Pakistani soldiers hostage. From Daily Times:

The government on Monday freed more than a 100 arrested tribesmen and opened the main highway to meet some of the demands made by the Taliban for the release of around 200 kidnapped soldiers in South Waziristan, but the soldiers have not yet been freed, officials said.

In Mohmand Agency, a government deadline for the release of 10 paramilitary soldiers held hostage by the militants passed without any significant response from the captors and a tribal jirga was still negotiating their safe return, Mohmand Agency Chief Administrator Dr Kazim Niaz told a news briefing in Ghalanai.

“We have no details whether the jirga has persuaded the Taliban militants to release the soldiers or not,” a senior government official in Wana told Daily Times asking not to be named.

The reason that the officials are asking not to be named is that official position is that the hostages are stranded, camped, or blockaded, not hostage. Continue reading “Pakistan Knuckles Under to Baitullah Taliban Demands”