Clinton Campaign of Corruption Connections

There’s also a pattern of immigrants who are criminals among Hillary’s contributors noted in links below, and another curious connection is the PAL-C or Pakistani American Link Committee that removed Rehman “Ray” Jinnah from it’s board not long after he voluntarily returned to the US to be arrested by the FBI.

In a series of articles  I’ve catalogued the criminal and the questionable Hillary donators and supporters, and The New School which has been tied to the chain by Norman Hsu and Bernard L. Schwartz. Unfortunately I’m only a part time blogger, and haven’t had time to really trench into the archeological wonder.

In a really great investigative article, Flip at Suitably Flip unties the knots:

But wait… there’s still more.  Hochberg is also a dean at the New School, where Hsu was a trustee until this scandal broke last month and the school hurriedly removed his name from their website.  Also on the New School board is Bernard Schwartz, one of Bill Clinton’s biggest financial backers and the central figure in Clinton’s scandal involving the sale of missile technology to China.

And the lily gilder:  Fred Hochberg was a member of President Clinton’s Cabinet.

Yes, Fred Hochberg, a dean at the school where Hsu served as a trustee, one of Hsu’s fellow HillRaisers, CEO of the company that officially bundled at least one of Hsu’s direct contributions as recently as this summer, and the apparent architect of Hsu’s favored candidate slate, was installed as one of the country’s senior-most federal policymakers by Bill Clinton.

Hochberg was tapped to become the SBA’s deputy adminstrator in 1998 and some time thereafter became the acting administrator.  The SBA administrator is not a current Cabinet-level position.  Clinton elevated the position to Cabinet rank, a move Bush has undone.  Not long before his executive appointment, Hochberg had enjoyed another kind of another kind of Presidential access, as a member of Clinton’s bescandaled “White House Coffee” guest list.

Hat Tip: Charles at Little Green Footballs 

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