YouTube Hosts Video That Calls for Killing Jews

While embedding the video in the post below, I came across a related video from Youtube’s new menu, and since it appeared to be from the real Freedom’s Watch I clicked on it.

Instead I got an anti-war video that has chanting in the background saying : “Kill the Jew, Kill the Jew, Kill the Jew.” I will not embed it here.

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Hillary’s 4th Questionable Associate Steps Forward…

At Sweetness & Light they identify another donor or associate of the Clintons who has questionable business practices and past — yes this one is also an immigrant. Sant Chatwal had the IRS after him for 4 million in unpaid business taxes, and was sued by three banks in India.

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Iraqi Court Sentences Ten Soldiers of Heaven to Death

An Iraqi court has handed down sentencing for the Najaf Riots case. Ten so-called “Soldiers of Heaven” who followed a false Mahdi, or messiah, were sentenced to death, and 390 others were sent to jail for fifteen years or more.

The Najaf riots came about as the soldiers of heaven attempted to assassinate most of the top Shiite clerics in the city of Najaf. Their “mahdi” could not have been real for he is dead, and they are now in jail. There were masses of evidence presented, and many witnesses who testified at the trial, but in the end it appears that the court has meted out even-handed justice as some were completely set free due to lack of evidence.

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Palestinians Attack Day-Care Center With Rockets

Parents rushed to save their children in Sderot as Palestians rained seven rockets into the Israeli town this morning. Islamic Jihad, or Harkut-al-Jihad-Islami has claimed credit. They are Syrian and Iranian backed, but in the past have also received funding from Florida via Sami Al Arian who pled guilty to doing so.

 From the New York Times:

A Palestinian rocket landed in a courtyard next to a crowded day care center on Monday, sending panicked mothers scrambling to take their screaming toddlers to safety and bringing warnings of retribution from Israeli leaders.

None of the 15 children at the center was hurt. But frantic parents in Sderot — already furious over the government’s failure to protect them and their children from the near-daily rocket fire — pulled their children out of schools on the second day of the academic year. It was unclear when studies would resume.

The army said seven rockets were fired Monday morning at Sderot, a frequently targeted city just a mile from the Gaza Strip. Islamic Jihad, a radical Palestinian militant group that has fired hundreds of rockets into Israel in recent years, claimed responsibility.

Final Musharraf-Bhutto Talks?

In a last ditch effort to salvage a possible deal there is a “secret” meeting taking place in Abu Dhabi between the two political camps. At the root is when and how Musharraf will announce that he is giving up the uniform.

In the frontiers up to 150 Frontier Corps and Pakistan Army troops are either captured as hostage, or blockaded by the Taliban forces of Baitullah Mehsud (Mahsud tribe.) This puts the question of uniform, or “Wardi” issue, into contrast.

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President Bush Makes Front-Line Assessment in Iraq

bush-in-anbar.jpgPresident Bush is on a surprise trip to Iraq ahead of the coming report to Congress by General Petraeus. He is meeting with the government and front-line commanders to assess both the effectiveness of the surge, and the recent gains towards political unity within the country.

He met with Prime Minister Al Maliki in Anbar province in the heart of Sunni country to demonstrate that the new unity is not an illusion.

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